Rock Star - Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance
Executive Coach | Trainer | Speaker | Podcast Host

Helping Chief Audit Executives (CAE) and professionals with
technical & soft-skills training and coaching
to navigate the world of audit, risk and compliance.

Working with Jason Mefford

I typically work with chief audit executives and professionals in internal audit, risk management & compliance. Sexy & important topics. I take complicated, confusing & hard things, make them practical, proactive & simple. Technical & soft-skills training and coaching using Multi-Sensory LearningTM methods to improve retention and get transformation. Teach to fish, not heroin-addict consulting. Work smarter, not harder.

I've seen both sides of the corporate fence & have been in your shoes. I have academic training, practical experience, with TLAs after my name.

I use psychology, science, mindfulness & music to create a contemporary, holistic, & provocative approach (cutting through the BS) helping you save time & money. You quit going down rabbit holes or worrying about swatting mosquitos.

How I help?

* Custom Training Solutions: custom designed courses and packages, in-person, on-demand, & virtual options to meet your schedule, needs & budget. Have training budget, but can't get travel budget? We’ve got solutions.
* Executive Coaching: feel alone, or a little over your head & wish you had someone to bounce ideas off & help you navigate the landmines in the corporate world?
* Professional Speaker: engaging, entertaining, expert professional speaker or MC for your conference, company or team meetings.
* Facilitation: facilitator for your executive retreat, team meeting, risk assessment, etc...
* Frameworks and Models: get access to frameworks, models & tools to help save you time and frustration.

If I'm not the best fit, I will give you resources or refer you.

BTW, when I’m not helping other people, you’ll find me: playing the guitar, hiking, reading, listening to music, watching movies, traveling, learning cool stuff, or writing.

Schedule an Appointment

Steps to Working with Jason

  • Connect with me on LinkedIn
  • Determine what you would most like to achieve
  • Schedule a 15 minute call so we get to know each other
  • Determine if I am the best to help, or refer you to the right person
  • Schedule a coaching session
  • Roll up your sleeves and get to work

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