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E47 What's Holding Most Chief Audit Executives Back

There are some common problems and mistakes holding most Chief Audit Executive back from elevating internal audit in their organizations, and moving into executive presence where they are perceived as a trusted advisor.

In this episode I discuss these mistakes and how CAEs can take action to move their career and the profession of internal auditing forward. If you are a CAE, this is a must listen episode. If you are not a CAE, please listen and share with your CAE. You will still get tremendous value from the information to help in your career.

If you are a CAE and really serious about elevating the status of internal audit in your organization, improving your executive presence, and getting best practices and thought leadership from like-minded CAEs, the CAE Forum is for you.

Learn more about the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) Forum at:

You can also watch a more extended video version of this discussion on that page.

E40 Lessons from a Chief Audit Executive (CAE) with Steve Goepfert

In this week's episode I speak with Steve Goepfert about lessons he learned from being a CAE. We discuss various topics including the difference between being a Chief Auditor, and being a Chief Audit Executive; what it really takes to be a CAE; how to provide those moments of head snap (you'll have to listen to learn more); how to prove and communicate the value internal audit provides; and not getting so engrained in the mechanics that we don't focus on the big picture.

Steve Goepfert was the Vice President - Internal Audit (Chief Auditor) for United Airlines in Chicago, Illinois. He assumed the role after the merger of United and Continental. He had previously been Chief Auditor at Continental Airlines for 21 years.

He was the 2006-2007 Chairman of the Board for the Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc. (IIA). At the Global level, Steve served on the IIA's Executive Committee for 6 years (2003-09) and on the IIA Board for 7 years. He previously served as Senior Vice Chairman and Vice Chairman – Professional Services and is a past President of the Houston Chapter (1999-2000), and served on its Board for 17 years. In 2012, Steve was inducted into the inaugural class of the IIA's American Hall of Distinguished Audit Practitioners. He was recognized in 2013 with the Victor Brink award for distinguished service to the IIA.

He is now enjoying retirement in Tennessee. I am very grateful to have one of the legends in the internal audit profession on the show.

Finally! A CAE ForumTM

for having frank discussions about the challenges and opportunities of being a Chief Audit Executive (CAE), while getting practical advice to increase your executive presence, influence and value as a trusted advisor to your organization.


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E41 Lessons from a Chief Audit Executive (CAE) with Larry Harrington

In this week's episode I speak with Larry Harrington about lessons he learned from being a CAE. We discuss various topics including: personal branding and your career development plan, benefits of being in roles outside of internal audit, developing and maintaining strong relationships with management, getting a seat at the table, and investing in yourself. So much in this episode.

In fact, there is so much in this episode you will probably want to listen more than once.

Larry Harrington served as the global chairman of The IIA, and retired as the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) for Raytheon Company, which specializes in defense, civil government, and cybersecurity markets throughout the world. Prior to joining Raytheon in 2004, he led the internal audit function for several Fortune 100 companies, where he also served in other areas, including finance, human resources, and operations.

In "retirement" Larry speaks, coaches, mentors and consults with internal auditors all over the world, and continues to be a strong and passionate voice for the internal audit profession.

For his term as The IIA’s global chairman, Larry chose the theme, “Invest in Yourself.” He urges internal auditors to enhance their value by undertaking professional development opportunities. From reading topical and timely material, to adding professional certifications, to attending conferences and workshops in internal auditing and on the business functions they audit, internal auditors can improve their own professional skills and opportunities and better serve their organizations and stakeholders.

If you are the kind of person that want to "invest in yourself" check out the free webinars and on-demand courses offered by cRisk Academy, the largest on-demand, webinar, and certification training platform for internal auditors.

E33 Risk-Based Internal Auditing

Even though we have been using the term "risk-based auditing" for over 20 years, many internal audit groups have not really implemented it ... and many mis-understand the concepts behind it.

In this episode I explain the challenges and opportunities facing internal audit as a profession and why moving to a truly risk-based approach is the opportunity for us to overcome those challenges. I also discuss the confusion with the terms objective-based, or risk management-based audit.

I've been preaching risk-based internal auditing for over 15 years and am consider one of the leading world experts on risk-based internal audit (and yes I wrote a book on this, frameworks, certifications and have trained internal auditors all over the world).

If you missed the webinar I did on "Establishing or Improving a Risk-Based Audit Approach," you can now access it in the cRisk Academy on-demand library.

Learn the step-by-step process to improve the risk-based internal auditing approach at your organization, in the 28-hour Certified Risk-Based Internal Auditor (cRBIA) professional designation training.

E23 Is Your Internal Audit Team Playing Varsity or JV Ball?

If you are ignored by other executives and frustrated getting resources you need, chances are you're playing at the junior varsity (JV) instead of varsity level. In this episode we'll explore some questions to ask so you can assess which one you are really playing, and provide some guidance on how you can level-up your playing so you make the varsity team in your organization.

Bonus Episode

E4 Internal Audit Must Embrace Change, or Sink Like a Stone

I spent the last several months interviewing many chief audit executives (CAEs) from all over the world to gain a better understanding of the current state of internal audit. What I found is that not only is the pace of change accelerating at an alarming rate, but along with the mounting challenges come plenty of opportunities too. From these interviews, and my own experiences as a CAE at two organizations, I have identified some clear trends, challenges, and opportunities that most CAEs are working to address.


Finally! A CAE ForumTM

for having frank discussions about the challenges and opportunities of being a Chief Audit Executive (CAE), while getting practical advice to increase your executive presence, influence and value as a trusted advisor to your organization.


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