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I Help People Transform Their Career and Life by
Becoming an Authentic, Emotionally Intelligent Leader
and Lifelong Learner From the Inside Out.

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  • Brian Tracy

    "Jason is a remarkable guy! He is one of the top trainers and coaches in the business today."

  • AJ MacQuarrie

    "I have used many coaches and mentors over the years. The ideas and value I received in one call with Jason, was worth more than all of the other coaches and mentors I have used combined."

  • Cheri Hotman

    "Jason has helped me unpack the chaos in my head. He’s offered his skillset, encouragement, and challenge to keep me moving in making strategic decisions. He’s a valued and trusted resource in my professional life."

  • Hal Garyn

    "I have come to learn how skilled Jason is at the psychology behind being a successful leader, and how he imparts this knowledge by coaching others through some of their most challenging situations in a supporting, and elevating way."

  • Jerome Wade

    "Jason is a Jedi Master!"

How Jason Can Transform Your Career and Life

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About Jason

Jason Mefford typically works with executive leaders to help you develop the skills necessary to navigate the political landmines of organizations.

He uses psychology, science, mindfulness & music to create a cutting-edge, holistic, & provocative approach helping you become a more powerful, authentic leader, with less stress, and more earning potential.

You quit going down rabbit holes, worrying about swatting mosquitos, or staying stuck in your head.

He uses a proprietary approach to help you become a leader from the inside out.

Intuitive Leadership: Identify and manage emotions so conversations don't become difficult. Make quicker, better decisions.
Neural Influence: Use psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and the principles of influence that get people to listen and take action.
Mind Mastery: Practical skills and habits that become second nature, so you master your mind, know exactly what to say and do in any situation... and you have the strength to push yourself up if the elephant sits on your back.

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