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Helping Chief Audit Executives (CAE) and professionals with
technical & soft-skills training and coaching
to navigate the minefields of audit, risk and compliance.

What Would You Like To Do?

I typically work with chief audit executives and professionals in internal audit, risk management & compliance providing the technical and soft-skills necessary to navigate the landmines of organizations. Sexy & important topics.

I take complicated, confusing & hard things, make them practical, proactive & simple. Technical & soft-skills training and coaching using Multi-Sensory LearningTM methods to improve retention and get transformation. Teach to fish, not heroin-addict consulting. Work smarter, not harder.

I've seen both sides of the corporate fence & have been in your shoes. I have academic training, practical experience, with many TLAs after my name.

I use psychology, science, mindfulness & music to create a contemporary, holistic, & provocative approach (cutting through the BS) helping you avoid wasting time & money. You quit going down rabbit holes or worrying about swatting mosquitos.

Chief Audit Executive, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Head of Information Security ... yep, been there and done that ... in addition to consulting and training top organizations all over the world, developing international standards and certifications, being a top thought leader, author, and #1 podcast host in the world for internal audit.

How Can I Help You?

  • Do you need an engaging, entertaining, expert professional speaker or MC for your conference, company meeting or team training?
  • Do you need a facilitator for your executive retreat or team meeting?
  • Do you need someone to take technical, complex issues and make them practical and easy to understand?
  • Do you have training budget, but can't travel, and need innovative solutions to get you and your team the training you need?
  • Do you need to develop relationships with others in the organization to improve collaboration (increase your influence)?
  • Do you want to establish common controls to reduce duplication and ensure compliance regulations and mandates are followed?
  • Are you a Chief Audit Executive who would like to be a member of a safe, confidential space to discuss real challenges and opportunities, share best practices, get support, and bounce ideas off others in a CAE Roundtable?

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Jason Mefford's Companies

We typically work chief audit executives and professionals in audit, risk, and compliance providing training and coaching solutions - technical and soft-skills. We offer customized and innovative options to get your team the knowledge, skills, and competencies to navigate the often challenging and complicated work of risk-based professionals. Solutions that match your needs, budget, and transform your team so you add more value to the organization. We consider the whole person, so your team is more competent, productive, and happy.

In-person, virtual training and coaching solutions for your whole team.

cRisk Academy, an online training platform designed specifically for the needs of risk-based professionals (internal audit, risk management and compliance). Technical and soft-skills courses to help do your job and improve your career. Webinars and on-demand trainings.

We understand it's often difficult to be out of the office for training, or to commit for blocks of time that cut into your personal life. That why we offer training solutions you can access any time, any where and on any device. Flexible options so you can develop your own customized learning path, with courses from 1 hour to multi-day formats.

The perfect solution for life-long learners in risk-based professions.

On-Demand Training Platform:
Webinar Training Platform:

Providing on-line, on-demand, virtual, and in-person Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) review courses to help people pass the exams quicker. Our unique solutions use multi-sensory learning to help individuals spend less time to pass the exams, increase retention rates from 10% to 70%, and help save time, frustration, embarrassment and $$$ by not taking the exams multiple times. Over 90% who take this course pass the first time!

We also create custom packages for teams and individuals to ensure people stay on track, learn the materials and make the hard work of passing the exam easier.

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Mefford Multimedia is a media company that produces content and shows based on the intellectual property of Jason Mefford.

Jamming with Jason (Podcast Show)

Interviews and discussions (jam sessions) relevant to Chief Audit Executives and professionals in internal audit, risk management, and compliance. Technical and soft-skills needed to successfully navigate the mine fields of organizations. Unscripted, unedited, real and practical.

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Fire & Earth (Podcast Show)

Practical advice and keys to unlocking your potential in life and business hosted by Dr. Kathy Gruver and Jason Mefford. Real, raw, and unscripted.

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