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Our 24/7, on-demand, technology-infused lifestyles has blurred the lines between work and home life. Many people feel burned out, overwhelmed, and out of control in life/work balance.

You have so much potential. Don't let stress and limiting beliefs get in the way of living your best life.

The Fire & Earth Podcast gives you practical advice and keys to unlocking your potential in life and business, hosted by Dr. Kathy Gruver and Jason Mefford. Real, raw and unscripted.

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Show Notes and Downloads

E93 Becoming a Mindful Wizard with Steven Rivera

E92 Best of: The Five Steps of Hypnosis with Karl Smith

E91 The Hero Method with Kathryn Gillett

E90 Improving Relationships with Self Love

E89 The Simple Business Method with Natasha Mitchell

E88 So You Want To Write A Book

E87 Best of: Getting Back On The Wagon When You Fall Off

E86 Laughing Every Day with Sarah Routman

E85 5 Steps to Unlocking Potential Through P.U.R.P.O.S.E. with Connie Benjamin

E84 The 4 Steps and Stages to Learning

E83 How to Pivot Your Business with Carla Cherry

E82 Escape

E81 From Street Performer to Internationally Acclaimed Magician with Christopher Hannibal

E80 Changing Your Habits to Accomplish Your Goals

E79 Intuitive Coaching with Terrie Huberman

E78 Using More Senses in Our Visualizations

E77 The Magic of Surrendering to Be Yourself with Eric Sharp

E76 The Five Steps of Hypnosis with Karl Smith

E75 How the Worst Day of My Life Turned into The Best Day of My Life with Karl Smith

E74 Grounding and Centering with a Morning Routine

E73 21 Days of Abundance

E72 Finding Opportunities to Change as We Shelter in Place

E71 Best of: Learning More in the Bar Than the Classroom

E70 Best of E35 Healing Ourselves to Become Whole, Perfect and Complete with Peter Bedard

E69 No Pills or Potions, Just Words with Freddy Jacquin

E68 Best of: Running from Chipmunks

E67 What's On Your Desk #3

E66 Sensory Visualization

E65 Mind / Body Medicine

E64 Hypnotic Ho'oponopono with Mark Lakowske

E63 What's On Your Desk? #2

E62 The Same Old Song and Dance, My Friend

E61 BE-ing Characteristics and Ego States

E60 What's On Your Desk? #1

E59 Making the Right Choice for Your BestBeing

E58 Best of: Predictions for 2020 with Jeanne Mozier

E57 Building Rapport with Others and Yourself with Mike Mandel

E56 Playing Cards to Work on Your Ego States

E55 Learning More in the Bar Than the Classroom

E54 Making the Holidays Less Stressful

E53 Combining Yoga and Laughter to Reduce Stress with Brittney Hiller

E52 Leveling Up Your Listening

E51 Predictions for 2020 with Jeanne Mozier

E50 Lessons Learned from Another 25 Amazing Episodes

E49 Tapping into Ego States with Mike Mandel

E48 What Snow White Can Teach Us About Becoming a Better Self

E47 The Best Business Advice While Watching the Simpsons with Jason Linett

E46 Moving from Victim to Hero with Hallie Avolio

E45 Self Confidence through Self Defense with Terri Coffee McDuffie

E44 Using Self-Talk and Gratitude to Move You Forward

E43 Improving the Quality of the Candidate Experience with Kevin Grossman

E42 Navigating the Workplace Environment and Conflicts with Ragan Myers

E41 Cognitive Flexibility and Critical Thinking Helps Reduce Anxiety with Dr. Christina Donaldson

E40 How to Turn Your Pain into Your Gain with Peter Bedard

E39 Generous Acts of Selfishness to Accelerate your Dreams with Denise Soler Cox

E38 How to Use the Love Languages for Self Care

E37 How to Use Affirmations More Effectively

E36 Managing Emotions and Having Compassion for Yourself

E35 Healing Ourselves to Become Whole, Perfect and Complete with Peter Bedard

E34 Unlocking the Potential of Podcasts in Your Business with Brad Dalius

E33 Dealing with Negative People in Our Life

E32: The Breakfast of Champions is Your Morning Routine

E31: Getting Clarity on Your Top Values

E30: The Stories We Tell Ourselves with James Hazlerig

E29: You Must Choose ... Yes or No … So Choose Wisely

E28: Take Smoke Breaks to Avoid Burnout

E27: Getting out of the Weeds that are Slowing You Down with Sara Caputo

E26: Lessons Learned from 25 Amazing Episodes

E25: Solving the Productivity Puzzle with Sara Caputo

E24: Getting Back on the Wagon When You Fall Off

E23: Communication Breakdown - How to Avoid It

E22: Predictions for 2019 and Beyond with Jeanne Mozier

E21: Don't Resist Change, Evolve into a Better You

E20: What's Written in the Stars, Planets and a Wall with Jeanne Mozier

E19: Creating a Positive Corporate Culture with Dennis Ford - Part 2

E18: Creating a Positive Corporate Culture with Dennis Ford - Part 1

E17: Leaping Ahead Your Journey using Brainspotting with Gregg Unterberger

E16: Put Some Magic in Your Life

E15: Unlocking the Power of Teams with Teresa Kwon

E14: Hypnosis is NOT A Circus Freak Show

E13: Gratitude Makes You Positive and Happy

E12: Feed Your Brain the Good Stuff

E11: Social Media: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly w/ Phil Gerbyshak

E10: Reducing Stress with Time Management

E9: Using Partnerships to Unlock Your Potential

E8: Using Social Media to Make Human Connections w Phil Gerbyshak

E7: Manifestations and the Law of Attraction with Victoria Gallagher

E6: The Masks We Wear

E5: Staying Positive During the Year from Hell

E4: Stress: Are You Running from Bears or Chipmunks?

E3: Breathe and Smell the Roses

E2: Moving Past Fear

E1: Goal Setting to Get Started