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Boring Harms Risk Management’s Effectiveness

Risk management doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, the more fun we make it, the more effective it can be. I’m sure you have flown on a plan before and have heard the same boring safety demonstration at the beginning of the flight. Most people “tune out” and don’t really listen. Here is another…

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Lessons Learned at 12,000 Feet

I recently returned from a hiking trip through the John Muir Wilderness in the Sierra Mountains of California, just a few hours from my home. This was a multi-day trip that I have planned for several months with one of my adult step-sons, who recently wanted to take up hiking. Now I have a hiking…

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Don’t Try to Do the Job Alone

My parents taught me to be self-reliant. As a result, I have attempted to attack each challenge in my life head-on, by myself. It has taken me many years to realize that I cannot do all jobs alone. I need the help of others to make most of my goals become a reality. It ‘s…

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data analytics

New Internal Audit Skill Needed – Data Analytics

One of the biggest changes to the future of internal audit is using more data analytics. According to Deloitte’s2016 Global Chief Audit Executive Survey, more than three-fourths (79%) of Chief Audit Executives (CAEs) around the world expect “moderate to significant” changes in internal audit in the next three to five years. Analytics are now being…

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Clearing up Some of the GRC Confusion

Are you a little confused about GRC? It seems like lots of people are talking about it, but what is GRC really and how does it help your organization? You may be asking yourself some of these questions: We already have governance, risk management, and compliance functions in our organization, so what’s new about GRC?…

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Commit to Lifelong Learning

In May 2013, Wally Taibleson walked across the graduation stage at California State University San Marcos  earning a Master of Arts in Education. Many other people received their degrees that day, but what makes Wally different, was its was his fourth degree. At 90 years old, he was also the oldest graduate in the 23-campus…

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Attend GRC Training in NYC and Receive a Free Coaching Session

Attend the next @OCEG Implementing and Integrated GRC Capability training on 22-24 May 2017 in New York City and receive a free coaching session from a top GRC expert. The GRC Professional training course is the only #GRC training approved by OCEG, the organization that invented GRC, and is taught by qualified professionals who have…

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How to Develop a GRC Road Map for your Organization

One of the most common questions I get from people trying to design and implement an integrated GRC capability, is “where do I start” or “how do I develop my GRC road map.” As Dr. Seuss famously said, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” This is true when it comes to…

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Jason Mefford receives EXPY award

Jason Mefford Receives EXPY Award

I was so honored to receive an EXPY Award from The National Association of Experts, Speakers and Writers. If you are not familiar with the EXPY Award, its like getting an Emmy or an Oscar as an expert speaker. I received the EXPY for my appearance on the Brian Tracy Show (that was seen on…

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Happy Holidays 2016!

The year-end holidays are always a great time to re-charge and prepare for next year. I am taking a couple of weeks of holiday with my family and friends, to relax after a very busy 4th quarter. Here is a quick video I recorded, wishing you a very Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy this…

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