In 10-15 minutes, Jason can help you solve problems and manage risk in innovative and practical ways.

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Jason Mefford helps people solve problems and manage risk in innovative and practical ways. He is the Lead Singer of Rock N Roll Risk Management helping executives, individuals and organizations through executive coaching, speaking, training, and facilitating. He helps his clients become Rock Stars in life and business.

He uses a multi-disciplinary, real-world approach that provides a more proactive, practical, and profitable view of risk management and solving problems. The goal is to reduce frustration, fear, and fatigue that are traps caused by confusion, complexity, and copy-cat syndrome. This way individuals and organizations make better decisions, improve culture, and focus resources on the risks that really matter to achieving their goals and objectives.

He has also been in the trenches as a consultant for two international firms, an executive at two multi-billion-dollar organizations, and a business owner. He understands the ups and downs of life and how executives, business owners, and organizations can improve their level of success and happiness by managing risk and solving problems in a proactive, practical, and profitable way. He's been there and done that.

He has spend years studying psychology and the science of happiness, so he is able to translate that scientific work into practical, life-changing solutions for individuals and organizational culture. Not only are these techniques backed by science, but Jason has also used these practices to significantly increase his own happiness and that of his clients.

Jason is a member of the National Speakers Association and has appeared on ABC, CBS, E!, FOX, and NBC.

Jason enjoys music, movies, football, baseball, photography, art, reading, and hiking ... among other sundry things ... as a rock n roll renaissance man.

He lives in southern California, where the weather is perfect almost every day.

PO Box 2710, Los Alamitos, CA 90720 | 714-833-2043 | jmefford@meffordassociates.com


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