I help solve problems and manage risk
in innovative and practical ways.

Helping YOU become a Rock Star!

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Jason Mefford is the Lead Singer of Rock N Roll Risk Management. He helps executives and organizations with a common language and framework to reduce frustration, fear, and fatigue so individuals can manage risk in their live and business. He delivers programs through speaking, training, and executive coaching.

He typically works with executives and organizations, just like you, to help them to rise above the noise and confusion caused by frustration, fear and fatigue so they make proactive, practical, and profitable decisions to manage risks in life and business.

He uses a multi-disciplinary, real-world approach to risk management. The goal is to avoid confusion, complexity, and copy-cat syndrome; so, individuals and organizations make better decisions, improve culture, and focus resources on the risks that really matter to achieving objectives.

In 10-15 minutes, Jason can help give you practical advice and help you determine the next logical steps to managing your risks so you achieve your objectives.

You can reach him at: 714-833-2043, or schedule an appointment.